Wine 101: Our Newest and Most Popular Feature

Wine 101: Our Newest and Most Popular Feature



It’s the BEST way to reach the MOST┬áMillennials.
If you have ever been to a Wine Riot then you have probably noticed one of the center pieces to our event, the Wine 101 tasting bar. It’s the first thing our attendees see when they walk through the door and the obvious answer to one of the most commonly asked questions at any wine tasting: where do I begin? This is a safe, interesting place for our knowledge-hungry millennials to learn eight core wine terms by tasting examples of each side by side.

Teach Millennials to associate important wine lingo with YOUR brand.
The booth is made up of four sets of contrasting wine lingo, including Dry vs. Sweet, Young vs. Mature, Old World vs. New World, and Oaked vs. Unoaked. Tasters walk away with new found knowledge of wine in general and of the specific brands that they sampled to understand the terms. Marking these wines in the Second Glass mobile app not only allows them to remember what these terms mean, but also helps them store information on a go-to bottle when they want to show off to other wine drinking millennials what they know about wine. Imagine if every time one of your consumers wanted to drink an oaky wine they thought of you!

Do less, but get more!
Becoming a Wine 101 sponsor is a great way to get involved at Wine Riot and, great news, we are now accepting sponsors for 2014! This sponsorship is one of our most affordable forms of participation and helps you reach an overwhelming majority of millennials. We also require very little from our sponsors, as trained staff pours at the booth for you and we create awesome place mats that describe your wine and how the relevant term relates to it.

If you would like to be a Wine 101 sponsor, please contact us and let us know how you would like to get involved! We’re really looking forward to hearing from you.