7 Tips for Success for First-Time Vendors

7 Tips for Success for First-Time Vendors


Standing at a table and talking about wine for hours on end is no easy feat, even more so when it’s your first time doing it. Whether your inaugural event is Wine Riot or somewhere else, we’ve compiled a list of essential tips for first-time vendors so you can prep for success and ensure an awesome night.

1. Hone your pitch

Solidify the pitch for your brand and your wine. Being able to crank it out quickly and easily to describe your product on the fly ensures that nothing slows you down. People want short and sweet.

Tips for Success

2. Place education between people and wine

Attendees want to learn but they can get distracted easily. Few people pay $60 – $120 a ticket to simply come and drink. They show up to discover new wines but if you just pour them a splash and move your attention elsewhere they’ll wander off not knowing much about your awesome vino. Make sure you engage your audience and make them learn about your wines before you pour. Once you have their attention, move them through your portfolio.

3. Allocate your wine

Know how much wine you have and how much you can comfortably pour for each session. It’s better to run out of wine early for a certain session than miss an entire day because you poured it all the night before.

Tips for Success

4. Make your booth look awesome

Spruce up your space with schwag, visuals, and other quick additions to make your table stand out. For in-depth info on how to properly pimp out your booth, check out our post here.

5. Know where your wine is being sold

Let people know where they can buy your wine. You’re going to make some big fans at the event, and they’re going to want to follow up and buy your wine later. Research the locations that sell your brand and have that information on hand. A pre-made handout with buying details and locations is even better.


6. Don’t forget food

Make sure to eat! Bring a snack, and have a nearby restaurant picked out in advance for your breaks and meals. The last thing you want is to pour for hours on end while you’re hangry.

7. Have fun!

Enjoy yourself and bring the positive vibes. No one wants to approach a wine vendor who’s grumpily staring at their phone. The more fun you’re having, the more people will enjoy your wines.