12 Easy Ways to Make Your Wine Booth More Interactive

12 Easy Ways to Make Your Wine Booth More Interactive


If you want to the most out of your experience at Wine Riot, be ready to bring your A-Game and make a lasting impression on the 2,000+ millennials at each event looking for their future go-to wine. Take these steps to ensure our twenty- and thirty-something wine drinkers come to your booth to taste your wine, mark it in our app, and come back for more even after the event is over.

1. Bring your own branded tablecloth


A little extra color (and branding) goes a long way.  Cave De Lugny Les Charmes stood out with a picnic style tablecloth and a draped sign to steal the crowds attention and coming in #3 of Wine Riot LA’s top wines!

2. Make your own signs


Wines of Alsace made these killer signs that offer educational value and use bright, fun colors and images.

3. Build a multi-level display


Adding just a few wine crates, like Brooklyn Winery did, brings another dimension to your booth and is a beautiful way to display your wines.

4. Maps. Really big maps.


People want to know where your wines come from! This is a great way to draw in the crowd with a cool looking educational source.

5. A fun activity


The Divining Rod had people use divining rods…what’s the story behind your wines name?

6. Easy-Ups


These are simple to create, you can check them on planes, and they can bring a whole new level to your booth. Instagram photo-ops!

7. Your own ice bucket


Yes, we supply you with black bus tubs, but if you have sparkling wines or mostly whites you may want to show them off in a beautiful custom one like Mionetto did.

8. Printed descriptions of your wines


Easy to read means easy to remember! If you make some take home copies, all the better.

9. Bottle stands


Tilt your bottles so people can actually read the labels.

10. Put anything in a frame


This pro-tip instantly makes information look so much better and is a really affordable, easy solution.

11. Make your own clothing


Nothing says “team” like having some really cool shirts. T-shirts may not be your style, but there are other options.

12. Promote our Mobile App!


80% of our attendees return to their mobile app within a month to see what wines they liked. Remind tasters to mark your wines this year and they’ll be coming back for more.